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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Things to keep in mind!

If you are a female or male model you will definitely ask this question!

There are obviously many ways to get casting.

At the same time, there are many clothes that you can wear. So it’s not easy to decide how to dress in the right way.

Sometimes after noticing different trends, it is proved that some trends were much more effective than others.

So what is the right outfit to choose for a model and/or for an actress [also applies to men!]?

Get dressed as easy as possible!

It starts from the principle that people who are “looking at you” are there to advertise a brand, promotes a brand or to present their business better.

They must not sell you but the products and services that you will witness.

Appearing in a flashy way, with high heels, shining and psychedelic clothes and great accessories on top of it, as well as appearing out of place, could also distract attention from what is the main purpose of those who are looking for you.

A medium / low heel, a black/dark outfit, perhaps broken by something white and/or coloured, are the right things to wear.

It’s a good jeans, a T-shirt or a shirt, as long as weather permits.

In winter, for obvious reasons, you will have to cover yourself well with jackets and coats, to get rid of them as soon as you arrive on the spot would be a good idea.

5 tips to present yourself to the best

Here are 5 tips that will help you “find” your ideal casting look, tips that will be very useful especially if you are just starting your model career.

Tip 1: When you receive the call details, note the time of day and the directions provided by the customer, your agent, or even the photographer.

This will help you to interpret a clothing code.

If you are applying for a fashion show or presentation in a showroom, an advertising campaign or another such thing, take a look at the style of the brand/company that is looking for the right model and tries to interpret it best always with simplicity.

Tip 2: Unless you are explicitly told what to wear, go to your wardrobe and choose 2 or 3 black dresses, a pair of adorable jeans, a t-shirt or a shirt.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the jewellery you wear.

Always choose small, almost invisible objects, do not wear long and heavy necklaces that cover your body or large earrings that distract attention from your face.

Tip 4: Choose medium / low heels and not bluff on your height, this could be counterproductive and create distrust on you.

Comfortable shoes that make you move and walk well because you may want to see you walking to see if you are the right person they are looking for.

Tip 5: The biggest recommendation is for makeup and hair.

I recommend, use a very “tricky” trick, almost non-existent, a bit of foundation and mascara will be sufficient.

This will send to you who look at you with a pleasant sense of security, so you will be more persuasive.

The simple hair, clean with no lacquer or hairstyles just made the hairdresser.

Of the look you’ve chosen, you first choose the one that suits the time/season.

Secondly, decide for what exalts your best physical characteristics (legs, shapes, breast, chest, etc.).

Third and last thing, it wears something simple to wear fast.

You will often be asked to try clothing at casting, and if you are ready to change quickly and effectively, you will have a better impression than if you prove to be impatient and slow.

Surely this is the easiest way to avoid mistakes, but surely there may be others.

Presenting yourself always in a simple, elegant and professional manner, dressed in black, always represents an excellent winning formula.

If you think that black is “too much”, maybe add some white, or if you just feel it, play a bit with “powerful” colours like blue, purple and red.

We are from Modelling Mumbai. If you want a good guidance in modelling career then do contact us.

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