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Fashion communication is an interesting field which has gained attention in recent times. In simple terms, it involves communicating with the masses about new trends, developments, and information from the fashion industry. It includes fashion photography, journalism, branding, marketing, styling, and graphic designing, display, exhibit designing, advertising, public relation strategies and some other methods which are employed by the fashion industry to reach their target audience. With the increasing persity of fashion and communication brands in the market, there is an explosion of variety in terms of designs and opportunities. There is also a growing competition which makes it imperative for every brand to have a highly functional unit for their communication and marketing purposes. Hence, the primary goal of the marketing professional is to understand the brand and see how it can be best represented in the market. This involves certain levels of creativity and strategizing, along with market understanding.

Fashion communication has developed in India primarily because the country has gained the attention of many international brands as an optimum market. There are some institutes in the country which are dedicated to providing education in this field and preparing people to go out into the industry as competent professionals who can handle large brands and their marketing. Because of the dynamic nature of the fashion industry, all these jobs are highly demanding and keep people on their toes always. There is a lot of hard work, thought process, and good strategy involved. To begin study in this field, one usually requires a 12th pass certificate and must write entrance exams or display their portfolio and attend interviews. There are some institutes which are available as options, including National Institute of Fashion Technology, SOFT, Pearl academy and so on.

For more information about these inpidual colleges and their specific process of admission, you can visit their sites, or talk to their alumni. Keep in mind that most of these entrance exams are highly competitive and may require prior training. Applying the last minute is not always possible, and it is a good idea to put in proper research to understand your options. Some of these institutes have been around a long time and have a fairly strong reputation, while others are just starting out. Each of them boasts of a different specialized curriculum and you must do proper research to identify the one that is best suited for your interests. Also, be very aware of the value that a degree from each of these places will hold. There are some options available, including undergraduate degrees, diplomas, or postgraduate studies. Each of these will have different curriculum and different amounts of workload. Keep in mind that the training for this field can be relatively intensive and there might be quite some sleepless nights involved. However, you can rest assured that it will be constantly dynamic and you will thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Modelling agencies in mumbai

The field generally pays well and has good development steps, similar to most major areas. Since it is still new, a lot of the general population has less awareness about it. It is a good idea to express it as a combination of marketing, sales, graphics or journalism, and fashion. Most institutes which offer a professional degree in this field will also have some internship opportunities with brands from the industry, and later placements. Placements can be in a large number of places, both within the country and abroad. Since this job profile is necessary for all brands, there is a good scope for working anywhere in the entire world.


We hope that this article has helped increase your awareness of the field of fashion communication. It is highly dynamic, and there are a ton of options which you can explore. Since the people working in the industry are usually those who are highly passionate about both fashion and marketing, you are sure to enjoy yourself and make numerous contacts with like-minded folk. If you have any other queries or suggestions, feel free to let us know!

Have high hopes of becoming a fashion or fashion photography model? Unsure about how to achieve it? Struggling with competition and gaining contacts? These are common problems that people in the fashion industry face, especially at the start of their careers. Some models may take years to gain traction in the industry while others may never make it. It is highly unpredictable, but here are some basic things that can get you started on your way to recognition.


Take good care of your body

Despite the many controversies and the new changes levels of acceptance about body types and beauty, fashion remains a fairly competitive and rigid field. There are still numerous restrictions in height, weight and body types for employment. A number of these may be genetically dependent which lies beyond your control, so it helps to take care in the places you can. Pay extra attention to skin and hair, to hygiene and glow. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and drink a good amount of water. A few consistent steps can go a long way towards improving your natural looks. Most importantly, be incredibly confident about yourself. A major part of your external impression depends on how you feel about yourself on the inside.

Practice good posture and waking

A major part of your modelling career will focus on your posture and the way that you walk and hold yourself. The way you hold yourself can go a long way towards improving your appearance. A number of agencies are instantly attracted to models who show confidence and style. Irrespective of how nervous you feel, always put on a smile, keep your chin up, and strut with confidence.

Research modelling agencies

Every model needs an agency to guide and back them. Like every other industry, the fashion industry has its own share of fraudulent parties playing the game. Don’t get disheartened by this, simply make sure you put in a good amount of research before approaching an agency. There is a good chance that you will start out with the smaller, less visible ones. Over the years, as your work spreads out and gets more attention, you will automatically gain the attention of the bigger ones. Most models have a few dream agencies they approach right away, but don’t feel hurt or rejected if they don’t accept you immediately. The fashion industry is one of patience and perseverance.

Have an amazing portfolio

The first thing most modelling agencies will look at is your previous work and your portfolio. Make sure you have a set of incredible photographs, in a variety of types, before you begin applying and approaching agencies. A lot of your job depends on how good you look in photos and how you hold yourself in photoshoots. In recent times, it is also a good idea to have an online modelling portfolio with your best works. Remember to update it regularly, give important information about yourself, and market yourself to the best of your abilities. You may even gain clients without the help of an agency if your portfolio gains massive attention. This also includes having a good social media presence. A number of models gather most of their following from their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. It is always a good idea to make sure your profiles are active and well-made so that potential clients can also approach you through those channels.

Be professional. Always

The modelling industry is one that has intense competition. You must be on your toes constantly so that you do not miss any opportunities. Remember that you are never too good or too well-established to answer calls and e-mails as soon as possible. Make sure you sound respectful, interested, and excited. Do not ever show disdain or dislike in any of your communications. Don’t fail to show up for meetings, and never let your hair down until all your work has been done and dusted. Since reputation is a big deal in this industry, it helps if you guard yours with great care. There are a ton of models out there, and most clients and agencies won’t look twice before dropping an unprofessional one for another.

fashion photography

With all these basics in mind, get going! Let your modelling dreams take shape and don’t forget to let us know If these were helpful!

Modelling is not an easy feat for anyone. There are some strict specifications, there is constant scrutiny, there is a lot of pressure to maintain looks and external perfection, and there is the need to continually stay on your toes so that you don’t miss any opportunities. Aside from all the castings, fitting, and time management, there is also the need to manage one’s body and skin. Of course, most makeup artists will significantly alter your features in the end, but there are shoots which require fresh faces, and there are agencies who demand un-touched images for portfolios. Keeping all this in mind, here are a few tips which can help you maintain ramp-ready skin, always.

Sleep and hydration:

One tip which cannot be emphasized on enough is getting sufficient amounts of sleep. A good 6-8 hours can go a long way towards making you look fresh and happy. The right amount of sleep is also essential to ensure that your health is maintained. Secondly: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Have lots of Vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water. It is an incredibly overused piece of advice, but it sure works. Hydrated skin looks much better than dry, flaky skin with dark circles and stress lines.

Sleep and hydration


Make sure you wash your face regularly, with a good cleanser. Skimping out on this part can have very adverse effects in the long run. Face masks, washes, and packs are your best friend. Don’t hesitate to splurge a little in these areas.
Moreover, remember to moisturize regularly, and use sunscreens and creams liberally. Check labels before buying any products. Some skincare products in the market contain chemicals and elements which may do more harm than good. It is essential to do your research, have a thorough understanding of your skin type, and work accordingly. Visit a dermatologist or contact experts if you’re unsure about what works best for you.



No face is perfect, and it may take a little experimentation and hard work to figure out your best aspects. The best models are those who have put in the effort of figuring out how their faces look when viewed from different angles. Modelling agencies will always prefer models who are well-aware of their own body and features and the best ways to work them since it reduces the work of the photographers and trainers. Moreover, make sure you figure out specific basic makeup skills that can highlight your best features. It is an added talent which you can add to your portfolio.



While some models may find that their best angles involve a smolder or moody looks, a smile often goes a long way towards boosting your portfolio. Make sure you take good care of your tooth, lips, and your facial hair. As you age, it is also a good idea to invest in anti-wrinkle creams that will boost your appearance. Teeth whitening is also an excellent way to brighten up your face quickly. Use toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss liberally. The bottom line is that your teeth are an essential part of your face and it helps to have them bright and sparkly. Smiles make you seem approachable and friendly, which will have a direct impact on how your clients perceive you. It won’t hurt your fan-following either!



Although most modelling agencies employ people for the specific purpose of handling hair and hairstyles, It helps if you have an idea about it too. Your initial appearance can be significantly boosted by simply focusing on your hair, making sure it is washed and conditioned regularly, investing in good hair products, and keeping up-to-date about the various trends that are popular in the market. There may be some experimenting required to find the cut and style that suits you the most. Consult with a few experts, and get their opinions. The way that you wish to portray yourself is also dependent on your hairstyle. Some styles convey brashness and confidence; others convey softness. Remember to switch it up often so that you keep your image interesting. Most importantly, your hair must always be clean and easily manageable so that your overall picture is well-maintained.


There you go! Try them out and let us know if these tips helped you. Go out into the world feeling confident about your modelling face!

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