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Modelling Agencies in Mumbai
One of the latest makeup trends of this day and age is cosmetic contact lenses. Nothing is left without adding a creative touch. We are fond of taking a dull and boring accessory and reviving it to satisfy our creative hunger. Contact lenses were supposed to be worn in despair (as in weak eyes) but now it has become a fashion trend. With the introduction of a slew of coloured lenses available for us, we have a huge scope for transformation. Cosmetic or coloured contact lenses give your look a new dimension all together. Even a slight change of colour can do wonders for your eyes and face and what’s more is that it also introduces a whole new level of depth to your makeup. Choosing the right colour is an essential aspect as going way too bold can prove to be disastrous. Complexion, hair colour and original colour of the eyes play an important role in deciding the perfect colour of cosmetic contact lenses. For instance colours like brown, hazel, honey, Sterling gray are best suited for dark brown eyes. Let us see some of the popular choices of colours to choose from, for the most prevalent natural eye colours,For Dark brown eyes

  • Pure hazel – its an amalgam of dark brown, then yellow and then orange as we go from the outer rim towards the pupil. With dark brown eyes, it gives a orange-green tint.
  • Honey – it has a tint of yellow but majority of it is orange.
  • Sterling gray – it has a grey-blue tint. Makes dark brown eyes appear angelic in this different tone.
  • Gray – it contains a bit blue, green and a tiny hint of brown. This colour blends really well with dark brown eyes. It gives out a natural look making it perfect for everyday use.
  • Gemstone green – a very bright, vibrant colour. They are unique and can transform your look completely.

For green and brown eyes

  • Brilliant blue – its very bright and fun. This doesn’t look natural but is a bold choice to consider for a summer outing.
  • True sapphire – similar to the brilliant blue shade, it contains a bright blue outer rim with a greyish tinge in the middle. This is more towards the natural palette of colours.
  • Green – this blends in nicely with green-brown eyes. A slight tinge of greyish brown in the mid, it provides a natural look, yet stands out from other colours.
  • Blue – a bright colour indeed. Looks really vibrant with green-brown eyes. It contains a mellow blue shade giving a nice effect in combination with the natural eye colour.


As far as protecting our eyes are considered, after contact lenses comes sunglasses. More and more number of people are opting for sunglasses with UV protection. As the outer environment gets polluted and thus, unhealthy, we are making extra efforts to cover and protect our body. Eyes being the sensitive part of our face, it is highly recommended to invest in quality products for their benefit. With an array of colours and styles, we have countless options to choose from. Aviators, wayfarers, oversized, gradients to name a few in every imaginable colour, be it military green, aqua, pink, reflector shades or basic black and brown.

How to choose the perfect sunglasses is not that big a task but some key factors need to be considered to find the perfect fit. Some of those factors are,

  • Face cut or shape – this is by far the most obvious physical factor. Face cut is the key factor in deciding the kind of sunglasses you should opt. For instance, cat eyes and round sunglasses would be best suited for square face shape. Over face shape is the most symmetrical face shape as far as getting sunglasses are considered. Oval face cuts can carry most of the styles with aplomb, be it aviators, wayfarers, John Lennon glasses or oversized. Whereas round face shape is the one which can sport only oversized sunglasses. So, your face shape fairly determines what kind of sunglasses you should sport.
  • Complexion – the right colour is necessary while going for sunglasses; and your complexion is a key factor in deciding the kind of colour you should opt. Blue, green, pink etc are suited to cool skin tones, further, red, brown, beige, orange etc. are best for warm skin tones. Fair skinned people should go for darker shades. Nude frames are suited for every skin tone, generally. Plus, nude colours go we with all outfits. People mostly prefer natural colours like tan, camel, black to get that sophisticated look.
  • Standards – UV protection is the most important criteria for deciding which sunglasses to buy. Their material and lenses should be of good quality, sturdy and certified.
  • Comfortability and durability – this factor is vital if you are involved in physical outdoor activities. The right kind of sunglasses provide you with the required comfortability and durability is essential as nobody wants to give away their prized possession at the first hint of doing any physical activity. It should be sturdy enough to get one through the day, be it travelling, driving, running or any kind of routine activities. Sunglasses should not be so sensitive as to make the user get them off with change of location.
  • Purpose or profession – would a cyclist ever want to wear oversized sunglasses if he has a round face shape? Not in the wildest imaginations possible. Apart from face cut, the purpose or the profession also decides the style you should go with. Taking the instance of a cyclist, say, the cyclist should go for a frame which provides extra coverage from air and dust along with being lightweight, durable and comfortable. The colour is also decided with the purpose in mind. A neon shade is not well suited for an MNC employee while going to his office. Here, warm tones are the safest choice.
  • Weight – continuing the factor of purpose discussed before, the weight of the frame decides it’s suitability for different purposes. An athlete, a cyclist or any other person involved in excessive physical activity on a daily basis would want to go for a lightweight frame as that makes it easy to carry all day long without making the person uncomfortable. Whereas a person wearing glasses for a short period of time while driving can manage with slightly heavier or bulky frames. So weight is an extension of the previous factor.

All of these factors are important in more ways than one. They help us choose the perfect style for our face. With getting all these factors in check we can sit back and enjoy the sunshine.


Plus size is not seen as a derogatory remark anymore. The fashion industry is tilting in favour of healthy, curvy or full figured models as opposed to the demand for thin, skinny or size zero models earlier.

Modelling Agencies in Mumbai

What does one need to become a plus sized model? Eat what you like, one might think.

But it’s not easy being a plus size model because it comes with out casting many stereotypes prevalent in the society along with maintaining a healthy routine. Yes, being curvy doesn’t mean that you have to be lethargic and not go the gym to work out. Working out according to the body type and maintaining an active lifestyle is really necessary in the modeling industry. Proportionate or toned body is always appreciated.

Apart from maintaining physical standards one has to have a balance between daily activities and work schedule and be really smart to attract the right kind of opportunities. Achieving a stable status in this industry is tough indeed and requires a lot of investment, emotional, physical and initially monetary also.

Fashion world has no dearth of models trying to kick start their career. So, to present oneself, a model needs to have an appealing portfolio.  The portfolio must translate your strengths, your versatility. For beginners this might burn into their pockets as it has to be taken care of by the models themselves. Charity and unpaid photoshoots are a good way to go. Travelling and commuting can be daunting as different jobs might be at different locations. Thereafter, you have to be in queues and wait for the auditions. It can be unpredictable and thus challenging. So, be open to every kind of situation, like you might need to go out of your comfort zone according to the shoot. All of this forms a part of your travail. However, this exposure is a good form of socialising and is an integral part of building a good network in this industry. Even if you don’t get a steady job, networking keeps you updated.

Patience is essential, as eventually it will pay off once you get a good hold in the industry and start getting assignments.

It is important to build your own self before allowing anyone else to access your inner self and tear you apart. So, being confident and comfortable in your body is the most important thing to succeed as a plus sized model.

Ultimately becoming an inspiration for others to follow suit and break barriers of stereotypical thinking is a great relief. Getting compliments for your confidence and courage overpowers all the stress and exhaustion.

Behind every successful shoot is a hardworking stylist. When we think about the job of a stylist, the first thing that comes to our minds is ‘selecting clothes’. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg and even picking out clothes isn’t as easy as it may sound. The stylist is supposed to work on a collaboration with the photographer and bring out the perfect mood for the shoot.

There are a variety of types of projects that a stylist works on;  editorial shoots, commercial/ad campaigns, fashion shows, events, personal styling to name a few. They all have their own specific requirements and the stylists make sure these are fulfilled to bring out the essential story in the shoot.

Bringing out the perfect story from the photo shoot requires a variety of tasks that the stylist takes care of.

In this article, we will see some of the various tasks and duties of a stylist and how they operate.



The stylist gets a bird’s eye view of all the factors that matter for a photoshoot. These include the locations, the lights, the props, the makeup and of course, the attire. The art director prepares the setting for a shoot. However, if there’s something missing, it’s the responsibility of the stylist to make sure the setting gets up to the mark.

Bringing out the right pictures also depends largely on how the model is posing. Getting out the right pictures from the model is also a task that the stylist would have to look after. Whichever team needs to make changes is asked to by the stylist.



The clothes are going to be the essential aspect of the shoot. The stylist will visit different brands of designer houses and source the appropriate pieces of clothing that will go with the theme of the shoot. But that’s not it. There’s a set of other jobs too that are included here. You may have to negotiate with the brands, stick with the budgets and manage to make the most of what you have.

No matter what is the deal, having the perfect set of clothing is of utmost importance. Making the choice can be tricky. Every shoot will demand a fresh new style. Keeping up with that demand can be a challenge. The stylist may also go shopping with the clients and work in collaboration to create the perfect feel.



Selecting and finalizing a brand is just the first step. What comes next is the actual task of ‘picking out the clothes’. Every shoot has a different mood, a fresh setting, and a new concept.The stylist’s creativity and imagination along with her experience come into picture here.

What is the kind of clothes that you imagine? Is it going be something floral for a warm spring theme of something grey and black for the winter? The stylist gets to make this call.Sounds fun right? But it’s also a challenge because everything needs to come together here. Your setting needs to go with the theme, the lights need to go with the setting, the props need to go well with the theme and the clothes? They need to go well with everything.You miss something out and the shoot wouldn’t turn out how you expected it to be. But you manage to bring everything together and it will be a beautiful creation that will go up in magazines, newspapers and the social media.



Everyone is looking at the shoot through their own keyhole and brainstorming for ideas. However, the stylist must connect with all these people and make sure the feasible ideas come to life. Before the photographer takes the perfect shot, the stylist will have collaborated with all teams and made sure their ideas are portrayed in the final setting.For example, after the clothes are selected, the stylist might want to make little alterations in the design. She will have to collaborate with the designer and get that done. Same would be the case with managing the light, props and other arrangements.Talking and networking with all the concerned people is an important job that the stylist needs to ace to get the photoshoot going.


Keep Up

Staying up to date is the most crucial task for a stylist. An outdated sense of fashion will not help to create the kind of a photo shoot that is expected. Especially if the reach for the shoot is going to wide. You will have to work with the trending styles in fashion.

You can keep updating you sense by reading creative blogs and exploring the latest collections.


When we hear about modelling, the picture that flashes in front of us is a big ramp where several beautiful models are walking wearing designer clothes like gowns, sarees, dresses, etc. Well, the modelling world has evolved far more from that. The modelling agencies now also look for fitness models across the town. Yes, you read it right!

As a child have you ever dreamt of becoming a model and ended up becoming a fitness freak? Good news for you guys! You can be a fitness freak and turn your childhood dream into reality. But, it is not as easy as it seems. There are several different things that you need to keep in mind before taking up fitness modelling as your career. Do not panic as we are here to help you with what things you should keep in mind before hitting the runway as a fitness model.

Let us have a look

1. Maintain a well-shaped body

One of the most important factors that a model should focus on is to maintain a well-shaped body. When a model claims himself/herself as a fitness model, there is a common constraint that keeps popping out of our mind that they should have an amazing body. There are certain elements that need to be considered before becoming a fitness model and having a great body is a compulsory ingredient. As you are representing fitness, you should look fit and for that maintaining your physique is very crucial.

2. Eat healthy

The myth about fitness models is that people think that if you need to become a fitness model, then you must have some sort of eating rules. Some people even think that you should quit eating to be a fitness model. There are n number of things that people have crafted in their mind that are so not true. In the field of modelling, you just need to eat healthy to stay fit and attractive but when it comes to representing as a fitness model you need to eat good nutritious food which contains healthy fat.

3. Keep yourself focused

Being a human, it is quite obvious that you might someday wish to cheat and hog on something fried or sugary, regardless of your profession. But, in the case of fitness modelling you need to keep yourself organized so that you do not get distracted by any outer element which can make you lose your focus. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself disciplined and focused to achieve an ultimate goal of being a fitness model.

4. Learn to be comfortable in front of the camera

Maintaining a great body is not enough for being a fitness model, you also need to learn how to the face the camera confidently. Initially, at first, you might have issues while facing the camera as a fitness model. But, with time, you can learn. Once you learned the art of facing the camera, you get a step closer to being a fitness model. For the people who are natural and comfortable with their bodies, this task is off your list.

5. Create a portfolio

A good modelling portfolio is combination of a good photographer and a great model. So, in order to make a portfolio of your own, you need to find a great photographer who can kick-start your career. In the field of modelling, especially for the freshers in this industry, a portfolio is a necessary element. The high end designers reach to the models through their portfolio; they contact the modelling agencies that has your portfolio to reach out to you. It does the same work as the resume or application do in the commercial field.

6. Track out an agency

A modelling agency is a place which will offer you modelling jobs at the media or fashion industry. An modelling agency works as a consultancy where all the models are provided of their related work. If you want to start your career in full fledge you need find a well known agency. Choosing a right agency can be your breakthrough as a fitness model.

7. Understand one’s job market

When we have that excitement and madness within us to achieve something, we often fail to understand the actual work behind the particular job market. In the same way, before starting a career as a fitness model you need to learn about their job market first. Understanding the job market will make it easier for you to build confidence in yourself with the work you are going to get as a fitness model. And understanding the job market beforehand would not create any sort of confusion in the future.

8. Be polite and patient

Most of the time it happens that people forget to remain patient and polite with their career because of the great body and attractive looks. Being a newbie in the field of fitness modelling, one needs to learn how to be polite and patient first.  If you are choosy and arrogant at the start of your career, then there is no way to succeed as a fitness model. Not only in the field of modelling, without being humble and calm, no one can succeed in any field of life.

9. Keep in touch with the editors

You might have seen fitness models who appear on television or any other media platforms explaining all the details about fitness and training stuff. Also, you might have noticed fitness models on magazines. If you belong to the second category, then you need to keep in touch with the reputed editors who shoot such sessions with fitness models. Being in touch isn’t enough, also try to be in their good books for future references.

10. Avoid being a stripper

Some fitness models try to be a stripper more than a fitness model. Therefore, you need to keep in mind as a fitness model that your fit body is a part of advertising your ability to keep your body in shape and not advertise them to the audience for the sake of some cheap stunts. A fitness model is someone who advertises his/her skills to eat healthy and be in a great shape. He/she is also an inspiration for the people to hit the gym more than staying at home and eating junk food.

If you think you can do all of these, then nobody can stop from becoming a successful fitness model. Go ahead and achieve your childhood dream.

Whenever it comes to modelling, the only picture that clicks in our mind is a runway where several beautiful models are walking. Many people think that the beauty of modelling lies in the most beautiful face, body, and fashion. But, that is not the truth, the real beauty of modelling lies in confidence that the models carry when they walk the runway or shoot.

The modelling agencies have transformed a lot over the years. Now, everyone can fulfill their dreams of becoming a model. But, you should possess the two important factors, i.e., self confidence and style. The other factors like age, size, beauty, etc is not an issue anymore. If you have, self confidence and style nobody can stop you from being the supermodel. If you do not believe this, have a look at this list of unusual models. These models have already achieved what you are dreaming of, with their special features. Also, had taken the fashion industry by storm. 

Winnie Harlow

modelling mumbai

Winnie Harlow, a Canadian model who was bullied in her school days over her ‘Vitiligo’ (disease or condition which causes patches of skin to lose pigmentation). A miracle took place after she dropped out of her school. She was noticed by the American television personality and Former American model, ‘Tyra Banks’ on Instagram. Later, she took part in ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and became a Desigual brand representative. Winnie has also has featured on many magazine covers, starred in many music videos and scored a Diesel Campaign. 

Melanie Gaydos

modelling mumbaiImage Source

Melanie Gaydos has a rare genetic condition that makes her bones, teeth, pores, and nails grow abnormally. Along with this Ectodermal Dysplasia, she is partially blind and has alopecia. But, this did not stop her from achieving her dreams. She was an art graduate student and started her modelling career when she replied to Craigslist Ad searching for ‘unique people’ for fashion photographers. Melanie once said that “the whole modelling process has made her more confident, stronger and happier.” 

Madeline Stuart

modelling mumbaiImage Source

Madeline Stuart, an Australian Teenager hit the headlines when she walked at the New York Fashion Week in 2015. Later, she returned to the runway the following February which made her the first model with Down’s Syndrome to walk the runway twice at New York Fashion Week. Stuart’s mother revealed that she is a professional model now. Also, Madeline mentioned on her website about her amazing wish. The wish was to change society’s view of people with disabilities creating, “awareness, acceptance and inclusion” through modelling.  

Shaun Ross

modelling mubai

Shaun Ross created history when he became the first African American Albino model to do a big show. The big show was “New York Fashion Show” in 2008 for Tim Hamilton, Shawn was still a teenager. Ross was discovered on YouTube by a photographer when he saw a video of a 16-year-old dancing. After that, he has featured in several editorials and also has walked many fashion shows. 

Casey Legler

modelling mumbaiImage Source

When you see the above picture, you might wonder there is nothing unusual about the male model Casey Legler. That is only until you discover that she is actually a woman. Miss Legler made history as the first woman Ford model signed to their men’s board. She has also written about the responsibility she feels for the kids who are different. How her job is done if the images of her make it easier for the kids and the people around them to focus on figuring out who they are. 

Andreja Pejic

modelling mumbai

The female model Andreja Pejic was born Andrej and a man. As a child, she moved from her homeland Bosnia to Australia as a political refugee. At the age of 17, she was scouted as a male model and moved to London. Later, in 2011, she went to model Jean Paul Gaultier’s female and male collection. By the year 2014, she completed her gender reassignment. Andreja is making history by being the first transgender model to front a cosmetics campaign and to be profiled by American Vogue. 

Tess Holliday

modelling mumbaiImage Source

Tess Holliday has won many fans for her messages towards being positive about the body. With that, Miss Holiday also has a list of haters who criticize her size 22 figure. In the year 2013, this American Model started an #effyourbeautystandards movement on Instagram. Later, in 2015, Tess Holliday became the largest plus-size model to sign to a mainstream modelling agency when Milk Model Management snapped her up. 

Erika Ervin

modelling mumbaiImage Source

In 2011, Erika Ervin entered into the Guinness Book of World Record for being the tallest (6.8 ft.) professional model in the world. But, the model revealed that she used to be a man in the year 2014. She explained that although she made the transition in the year 2004, she was able to keep it as a secret as she did not feel people accepted it. This transgender model is also an actress and even played as Amazon Eve on ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’.

Rick Genest

modelling mumbai

When you look at Rick Genest’s picture above, it is pretty clear why he is known as ‘Zombie Boy’. This Canadian Model boy got media attention for his living skeleton tattoos. Later, his modelling career started when Lady Gaga’s fashion director found him via Facebook Fan page. In 2011, he walked in Thierry Mugler show and gained popularity when was starred in Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ video. After that, he became the L’oreal’s first ever male spokesperson.

Molly Bair

modelling mumbaiImage Source

Molly Bair’s slender figure sparked heated debates about the reemergence of ‘Anorexia Chic’. This 6.1 ft. American model revealed that, while growing up she was teased for looking like an ‘Alien’ and ‘Praying Mantis’. But, being at a flea market in New York changed her world. She was signed to Elite London and started walking for everyone. The amazing thing about her career was that she did all this before even turning 18 years old.

By knowing about all these models mentioned above, the only conclusion is that “Nobody can stop you if you are strong and confident”.

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