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Modeling is the most stylish and up-to-date profession wherein to become a model you need to have qualities, like confidence, grace, and glamour. Modeling world is extremely competitive and the industry is full of rejections, to hold a firm position in the modeling industry you need to strong enough to pull off everything that comes your way. To stay up to the intense expectation pressure, all you need is proper planning and determination.

The traditional modeling might be the ruling platform but, the freelance modeling is also coming out in the open with force and quality. Many people have the misconception that freelance modeling is not a workable option, but that is so not true. Nowadays, freelance modeling is the most popular source of income in the freelance community and is ever-growing due to lots of opportunities every day.

Are you willing to become a freelance model? Well, we will help you to achieve your dream with this article. Here we will guide you through what to keep in mind before you start your freelance modeling career.

Let us take a step towards becoming a successful freelance model


One can become a successful model with or without any certification, as modeling is all about self-control, confidence and physical appeal; if one possesses them in adequate amounts, he/she is bound to become a successful model. But, if you lack the knowledge about the basics of modeling such as walking styles then your control, confidence, and appeal are of no use. Because of this reason some people prefer a modeling course in order to gather all the knowledge to boost their modeling career.

Let us have a closer look at the job requirements

Employers such as the modeling agencies or the magazines look for a professional model with some experience and preferably, certain academic qualifications in the form of courses. Presently, there are a number of institutes that offer certification courses in modeling in the country itself such as Film and Television Institute of India and Frankfinn Institute of Modeling and Acting. These courses provide you with various requirements of modeling, from basics to highly advanced.

The curriculum of these courses includes studies on choreographies, posture making, camera walk, modeling with accessories, etc. The courses also involve the personality development programs which home attitude, improve body language, conduct transactional analysis, and teach stress management; grooming programs which include model makeup, personal care, skin care, wardrobe styling, etc; health & fitness programs which include Yoga, nutrition tutorials, etc.

The certificate of any course is the authentic proof of the skills and experience required for the modeling job and it is a relatively easy way to attract the attention of employers and clients.

If you do not want to empty your pockets and earn a certificate, you have to do the following: Create a portfolio by taking up small or big modeling gigs, or having a professional photographer shoot pictures of yours. It is recommended that you include well-shot pictures according to their categories in the portfolio.



Being photogenic is not everyone’s cup of tea, only a few people are gifted with this skills. The rest is just filters and customized. A model should know what posture will highlight his/her physical appeal the most and should be able to create a bond with the photographer and coordinate smoothly with the whole team. Having a good bond with the photographer will help you as he is the one who will later command control on your body movements and facial expressions from behind the camera lens.


The ones who want to become a runway model must know how to walk with confidence and grace in front of huge audiences. He/she should be fine with all kind of the designer clothes they are asked to wear. They should be comfortable walking in heels.


Networking is an essential fundamental in modeling, as the modeling jobs last for few days or so. In order to easily find the next job, you should have and maintain contact with modeling agencies. The more connected you are with agencies or other sources, more aware you are about the opportunities around.


Now, there might come a time when your agency asks you shoot at a distant location which could be quiet hectic for you. So, in order to avoid the clashes or to cut down the stress, you should be well-organized beforehand. This would help you manage things well and no conflicts with the agencies.


As a model, you should be ready to fight against any situation. For instance, the photoshoot might be at an ice-cold location, or you have to shoot under a hot sun. You should prepare yourself for such kind of situations beforehand.


In the modeling, the one thing that is of extreme importance is ‘Self-maintenance’. In case if you are not able to maintain yourself, there might be chances that you miss out many modeling opportunities. The body fitness and beauty criteria may vary from agency to agency or from shoot to shoot but what remains constant is its importance. A model needs to be presentable in order to work in the industry.


The pay rate of a model depends on various different factors such as the age of the model, previous work experiences, affiliation with modeling agencies, certifications, and appearance. If you are a well-established model then you might get a handful of pay but if you are a freelance model than you would have to consolidate your agency first and so you are in a position where you cannot demand a lavish pay rate.

These are few tips that can help you become a successful freelance model. And if you wish to get some more information about this then do visit here. Also, do let us know in the comment section below how helpful this article was for you.

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Things to keep in mind!

If you are a female or male model you will definitely ask this question!

There are obviously many ways to get casting.

At the same time, there are many clothes that you can wear. So it’s not easy to decide how to dress in the right way.

Sometimes after noticing different trends, it is proved that some trends were much more effective than others.

So what is the right outfit to choose for a model and/or for an actress [also applies to men!]?

Get dressed as easy as possible!

It starts from the principle that people who are “looking at you” are there to advertise a brand, promotes a brand or to present their business better.

They must not sell you but the products and services that you will witness.

Appearing in a flashy way, with high heels, shining and psychedelic clothes and great accessories on top of it, as well as appearing out of place, could also distract attention from what is the main purpose of those who are looking for you.

A medium / low heel, a black/dark outfit, perhaps broken by something white and/or coloured, are the right things to wear.

It’s a good jeans, a T-shirt or a shirt, as long as weather permits.

In winter, for obvious reasons, you will have to cover yourself well with jackets and coats, to get rid of them as soon as you arrive on the spot would be a good idea.

5 tips to present yourself to the best

Here are 5 tips that will help you “find” your ideal casting look, tips that will be very useful especially if you are just starting your model career.

Tip 1: When you receive the call details, note the time of day and the directions provided by the customer, your agent, or even the photographer.

This will help you to interpret a clothing code.

If you are applying for a fashion show or presentation in a showroom, an advertising campaign or another such thing, take a look at the style of the brand/company that is looking for the right model and tries to interpret it best always with simplicity.

Tip 2: Unless you are explicitly told what to wear, go to your wardrobe and choose 2 or 3 black dresses, a pair of adorable jeans, a t-shirt or a shirt.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the jewellery you wear.

Always choose small, almost invisible objects, do not wear long and heavy necklaces that cover your body or large earrings that distract attention from your face.

Tip 4: Choose medium / low heels and not bluff on your height, this could be counterproductive and create distrust on you.

Comfortable shoes that make you move and walk well because you may want to see you walking to see if you are the right person they are looking for.

Tip 5: The biggest recommendation is for makeup and hair.

I recommend, use a very “tricky” trick, almost non-existent, a bit of foundation and mascara will be sufficient.

This will send to you who look at you with a pleasant sense of security, so you will be more persuasive.

The simple hair, clean with no lacquer or hairstyles just made the hairdresser.

Of the look you’ve chosen, you first choose the one that suits the time/season.

Secondly, decide for what exalts your best physical characteristics (legs, shapes, breast, chest, etc.).

Third and last thing, it wears something simple to wear fast.

You will often be asked to try clothing at casting, and if you are ready to change quickly and effectively, you will have a better impression than if you prove to be impatient and slow.

Surely this is the easiest way to avoid mistakes, but surely there may be others.

Presenting yourself always in a simple, elegant and professional manner, dressed in black, always represents an excellent winning formula.

If you think that black is “too much”, maybe add some white, or if you just feel it, play a bit with “powerful” colours like blue, purple and red.

We are from Modelling Mumbai. If you want a good guidance in modelling career then do contact us.

In India, the queen of all traditional dresses is saree! The richness of silk saree cannot be measured and its supremacy is unquestionable for many reasons. The combination of shine of real zari, hand woven matte, and smooth texture with expert pair of hands makes the silk saree so adorable.

Southern part of India has its speciality that the sarees over there comes with very fine finish along its ‘Pallu’. The Pallu comes with a gorgeous tasselled finish that makes the drape end in the most classic of ways. The perfect ending of 9-yard magical silk saree with great finish is called as ‘Kuchu’.

Kuchus are a great way to enrich the value of the saree. The great design of Kuchu pattern changes the entire look of silk saree significantly. So here are some truly dazzling Kuchu designs which will have a rich impact on your silk saree.

Colour Coordinated Kuchu Design

Adding the same colours that are present in the saree makes the Kuchu simple, elegant and looks inherently part of saree itself. The perfect matching of the green and pink and the longish tassel with double knots crossing each other at the top creates the well-known net style in a very simpler design. This type of Kuchu design is great for heavy Chanderi silks and Maheshwaris which come in such colour combinations

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Crystal Bead with Simple Tassel 

A thumb rule in any kuchu design is the aesthetics of mixture, and in this case, great care has been taken to highlight delicately, the use of gold in the saree with a single thread in the pink tassel and the usage of beautiful beads in between.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Chemistry of Silk with Metal

The usage of metal beads in kuchu design takes the look of saree to next level. Great with tussars in metallic colours or any plain silk saree with simple metallic coloured work. Smart, spirited and the kind that will suit those who love to wear silver jewellery.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Crochet Design

The traditional crochet turns a new leaf making big waves in the kuchu design market. You can see here a thread crochet that has been innovatively combined with golden beads. Any crochet work lends ultra-feminine beauty to a look taking it away from being over dressy look of a heavy saree, and giving it a feel of being more contemporary. It would look simply great with plain soft silks, plain tussars and even with Chanderi silks. If you have a saree that has thread work on silk, this would be the kuchu you have been looking for. All you have to do is switch colours that coordinates with your saree.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Double Beaded Regalia

Just like an idea before this, here is one where the tassel hangs from two silver beads that are joined together. Most suited for sarees that have silver thread work and in paler shades of pinks, mauves, blues and grey.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Single and Double Tiered Jaal Kuchus

In the picture below, you can see apart lattice work created from the light coloured thread, the tassels itself are in two coordinated shades. This is an old kuchu pattern that can be created in a more complex jaal as in the next one where two layers of tiers have been created. The interesting change has been the usage of two colours for the jaal.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Pearly Bead for Heavier Ornamentation

The stunning droplet instantly grabs attention while the glow it lends to the sarees edge is breath-taking. It would look as stunning on a satin silk, as it would on any plain silk saree. Rich and fascinating in its form and design, this is a kuchu pattern if pearls are your kind of thing.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

We are from Modelling Agencies Mumbai. If you want to become a model then do contact us

Fashion trends will come and go. Here are some of the fashion trends that designer had in store for Fall 2017


Velvet gives a distinct feel. They are woven fabrics in which cut threads are evenly distributed.  This tufted fabric was one of the hit of the season on runway.

Modelling agency



Printed clothing related to some protest related to political issues or something specific. Mostly slogan tees were showed up in Fall 2017

modelling mumbai


Power Suit

The power suit is back in race again. But these are the stylish and modern version of classical power suits. Genius is not required to understand why power suit fashion is back in action!

modelling mumbai

Power suits


Shearlings has a suede surface on one side while furry surface on other side. It is an outwear plush wool which comes in different size, shape and texture.

modelling mumbai



Models with entire attire in silver was seen in Paris Fall 2017 and proved popular too.

Modelling Mumbai



A tartan patterned or chequered cloth was another trend in Fall 2017. Most of them were wearing plaid coats.

Modelling Mumbai


Statement Sleeves

Statement Sleeves are huge fashion this year. Now don’t worry about sleeves coming off your shoulder. Everyone and their sister was playing with Statement Sleeves in Fall 2017.

Modelling Mumbai

Statement Sleeves

Track Pants

Not only casual pants were showed in Fall 2017. Track pant was also another upcoming trend in Fall 2017 which is the real excitement news for laissez faire consumers.

modelling mumbai

Track pants


Another outwear trend seen in Fall 2017 was Puffer coat. Just like shearlings there is no shortage of variety in puffers.

modelling mumbai


Canadian Tuxedos

Canadian tuxedos are nothing but outfit consisting of denim jeans and denim jacket. Evergreen combination!

Modelling Mumbai

Canadian Tuxedo

Hope you have enjoyed watching the trends in Fall 2016.

We are from Modelling Mumbai. If you want to develope a portfolio then do contact us

Photo credit: Fashionista

Fashion trend  changes according to season and in summer due to rising temprature, choosing out fits becomes a bit confusing. Here are some fashion tips for summer that you can take into consideration while buying your summer outfits

  • Loose and Light weight clothes: The looser the outfits, the cooler you will feel. Instead of skintight outfits go for loose and lightweight outfits as it creates a ventilation and there will be air flow which will reduce sweat. Loose clothes will not cling to your body and thus it will keep you cooler as compare to skin tight outfits.
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loose outfits

  • Avoid synthetic fabrics: Though synthetic fibers are durable but they are not skin friendly as they absorb heat quickly. Avoid synthetic fibers like rayon or Acrylic fibers and go for natural fabrics like cotton as it is more breathable. You will not feel sweaty as it absorbs sweat and dries it faster.
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Natural Fabric

  • Light shade outfits: Usually dark colors have the tendency to absorb more heat as compare to light colors. So in summer move towards light shades of fabrics. Wear plenty of white as it is classic, cool and perfect for summer. Start to mix and match bright colors like bright yellow, pink, blue, etc. Bright colors are trending this season!
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Light Colored Outfits

  • Go for cotton scarves: Carry a cotton scarf with a pretty pattern. If you feel that the sun rays are too much harsh, you can wrap the scarf around your neck or cover your face with it. Scarves are light weight and they really look cool!
modelling agencies mumbai


  • Hats and Sunglasses: Don’t forget to buy over-sized floppy hats and aviator sunglasses. Not only they will protect you from sun but also their combination looks cool!

modelling agencies mumbai


Enjoy these cool fashion tips for summer and have fun!

We are from Modelling Agencies Mumbai. If you want to become a model then do contact us

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