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Smart Fashion Tips For Summer

Fashion trend  changes according to season and in summer due to rising temprature, choosing out fits becomes a bit confusing. Here are some fashion tips for summer that you can take into consideration while buying your summer outfits

  • Loose and Light weight clothes: The looser the outfits, the cooler you will feel. Instead of skintight outfits go for loose and lightweight outfits as it creates a ventilation and there will be air flow which will reduce sweat. Loose clothes will not cling to your body and thus it will keep you cooler as compare to skin tight outfits.
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loose outfits

  • Avoid synthetic fabrics: Though synthetic fibers are durable but they are not skin friendly as they absorb heat quickly. Avoid synthetic fibers like rayon or Acrylic fibers and go for natural fabrics like cotton as it is more breathable. You will not feel sweaty as it absorbs sweat and dries it faster.
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Natural Fabric

  • Light shade outfits: Usually dark colors have the tendency to absorb more heat as compare to light colors. So in summer move towards light shades of fabrics. Wear plenty of white as it is classic, cool and perfect for summer. Start to mix and match bright colors like bright yellow, pink, blue, etc. Bright colors are trending this season!
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Light Colored Outfits

  • Go for cotton scarves: Carry a cotton scarf with a pretty pattern. If you feel that the sun rays are too much harsh, you can wrap the scarf around your neck or cover your face with it. Scarves are light weight and they really look cool!
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  • Hats and Sunglasses: Don’t forget to buy over-sized floppy hats and aviator sunglasses. Not only they will protect you from sun but also their combination looks cool!

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Enjoy these cool fashion tips for summer and have fun!

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