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Kids Model

To every parent, their child usually is the most beautiful in the world, but In some cases, child models hiring agencies might also agree with the same. If the child is picturesque to look at, not camera shy or is comfortable amid unknown faces at a stretch, then probably the child is apt for modeling assignments and contracts.

Listed below are a few points that need necessary follow-up for your child gaining access to the modelling world.

  • Get the photo shoot of your child done by a professional photographer. It could be a shoot on the floor or with any other simple background. Get a portfolio made of candid photos of your child in simple, neat, and clean clothes to showcase their natural beauty. Better not to use any props, toys, jewellery or gaudy clothes for a portfolio shoot.
  • Start selecting agencies to contact with the child portfolio in your area and approach them. This will provide the concerned industry people with information about your child’s intention (actually its parent’s intention to make their child model) to work in this industry.
  • Always trust legitimate and well-established models hiring an agency for handing over your kid portfolio as a child model. Different agencies come across different kind of kids requirements based on age, size, and looks. If the portfolio of your child would be with models hiring agencies, the chances of kids getting an assignment sooner or later increases manifold.
    Look for registered/reputed model hiring agencies as it mitigates the changes of you as parents being duped. Write child-related information like name, age, eye and hair color, birthday date, clothing size, and weight, as well as your telephone number on the back of each photograph separately.
  • You can get your child admitted to modeling schools that help refine skills along with finding modeling jobs for the kids. Many parents believe that teaching modeling skills are not important to the kids as if they can follow the directions they can be a good model however there is a set of other parents who believe that professional modeling agency can train your child for the best. You can find the modeling agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and almost every metropolitan city.


Child Model

Get them clicked well
Child photography and videography does not require much of professionalism or hefty investment. Clean dress, casual and simple, preferably in solid colors can do magic to the portfolio shoot. There are several don’ts for such shoots, for example – no hard makeup or heavy dresses, the hair on the eyes, messy food face, runny nose, closed eyes, distracting background or accompanying children with fellow beings or pet in the photo.
There should be clean close up shots of your child smiling face others with a thoughtful and pensive expression. And yet another could be with the complete body shoot and headshot so that the agencies have complete judgment regarding the looks and the statistics.


  • A career in child modeling is not meant for every child, and talent agents likes to work and stay in touch with parents that are cooperating, adjusting, and flexible. The child may be asked to be present in the studio at last moment so, be ready to leave anytime with your kid if you want to create a niche for your child. Leave aside attitude and unprofessionalism while approaching agents and agencies.
  • Also, check with yourself if you are right parents for a child model as it is a very competitive field, and your child may have to face rejections over and out. As a parent, you should be prepared to accept the rejection without getting frustrated with the child, and you should make your kid also to understand the situation.
  • Although modeling seems to be very glamorous at the finish, it is a very strenuous job that requires a lot of auditions and time investment. These waits could be long and boring for the kids as well as parents so, be prepared for the same.
  • Although professional child photographers and stylists are accustomed to making photo shoots more of playful activities for kids, but it could be another way round too. So, be patient and teach your child to be resilient when faced with long working hours that requires multiple hairstyling and clothes changing.
  • Your place of residence makes a lot of difference in your child getting selected for big profile modeling assignment. Whereas a metropolitan city resident parents would have greater exposure to the opportunities. Local agencies may be able to book your child only for the small jobs for nearby stores and companies showroom or small scale commercials.
  • Be cautious of fake agents and agencies who ask for upfront money. Renowned and professional models hiring agencies do not ask for money up- front. They usually charge a commission on the contract amount between parent and advertiser.
  • TV commercials can yield bigger payoffs although as a parent, you’d have to go through a talent agency or an agency division that specializes in television. This could be time-consuming too but increases the chances of your child featuring in TV commercials sooner or later.As a responsible parent carry essentials like a bagful of your child’s toys, snacks, and an extra two or three pair of dresses to change if needed.

A quick roundup

With lots of preparation, organization, and dedication, parent forms the bottom line for getting their child entering into the world of modeling. The carrier needs patience, exuberance, and understanding on the part of child and parent both. Contact well-known model hiring agency only after a thorough evaluation of your child’s personality in the right perspective. It is important for parents to stay in regular touch with agencies by continuously sending pictures of your child. Be courteous to everyone present in the photoshoot, stage or studio as agents and agencies remember and welcome well-behaved parents alone.

Entry to the world of modeling is quite hard and has possible dangers around it because most of the entry-level models have no idea of how to become a model, whom to approach and what are the business ethics.
This competitive industry requires excellent professional skills, good contacts, great looks, explicitness, and hard work for sure to create a niche for oneself. High profile modeling agencies and the professional who are actually into the task of choosing right models and helping them fetch good assignments, can be sometimes hard to reach as they do not except girls and boys who are not aware of the norms of the industry. So, it is necessary for the upcoming models to know some of the listed below essential steps that can help to become a sought after model in the lesser time period:-
1) Have complete knowledge of your sphereIt is essential for the model to know the market in which they can sell (render) their services. The area in which the model is putting up in the trend prevailing in that area greatly influences the choice available with the model. Every trend does not prevail in each market. Examples in the south of India runway modeling and fashion shows are not very prevalent as compare to commercial modeling that in walls modeling for print occasions like newspapers, magazines, store sales paper, etc.

With the help of knowing your market, it will be easy to locate the agency is located in your proximity. In big cities, modeling agencies prefer models that have great looks, sleek and slim body with overstated hair and makeup dos. But in suburban areas, agencies require more connectable models with natural seems so that the masses can connect with them.
If your looks are not according to your market demand, very probably are the chances that you would not get selected in that area and have to travel to another who is a requirement you can quickly meet. Before approaching any models hiring agencies, make sure that you have researched well regarding their requirement such as plus size, certain clothing trends, target market, etc. so that there are no awkward moments later on.

2) Approach the right agency after thorough research

Newspaper ads are filled with various advertisements that post different requirements for their agencies but beware of approaching and tying up with any of such agencies. The best model always reaches the topper chart of assignments only through good agencies that usually does not ask for money up front. Nor did they tend to sign such contracts with the models that intent to do away with your earnings for modeling assignments later.
You can find the best modeling agencies in your area searching on the web and going through their website. A good modeling agency never puts its models into compromising situations.

3) Be aware and be prepared for the future

It is always better to be ready to face the consequences of your decision. In this industry, which is into a cut-throat competition, the wrong agency can put you in this situation where the model has to give up with modern values, integrity or believes to obtain set an assignment. Being a very demanding job, it is always better to be prepared to face the failure is because every hard work pays after lots of nurturing and patience.
There are a lot of demands by profession such a long traveling, permanent change in law, wearing outfits that you don’t like, how to model pose, and much more. So, be prepared to face such situations as photographer, agencies, and the campaigning for the products are usually not flexible to cater to the demand of models. It is the models who are expected to accommodate the requirements of assignment into their schedule.

4) Always be a good learner

The modeling industry is never rewarding in the sense of being a perfect model as there is always open scope for further learning and improvisation with infused hard work, creativity, and practice. Be in good practice of presenting yourself with confidence, visiting the office of agencies regularly, and maintaining a good relationship with them.

5) Complete acknowledgment of your constraints

It is always better for the model to have knowledge meant of values, limits, and constraints so that those who are not willing to compromise does not feel disheartened or disturbed after having an inspection of their competitor’s modus operandi. The modeling world is known for its notorious aspect of indulging in drugs, sex trade, exploitation, rape, greed, and alcohol. These lucrative deeds could be more called upon if you get into the wrong companies or crowd. So, know your values and follow them with passion. A right modeling agency will honor your professionalism and can help you great assignments based on talent and dedication alone.

6) Have a good portfolio made for yourself

Get the best quality modeling portfolio done from the professional photographer as it is always an asset for models. A good headshot with no photo touching and an makeup is essential to make a good impression. A professional portfolio shot company can guide you with the same as there are specific key points for such a photoshoot. Good modeling agencies do not appreciate fancy and photoshop pictures, makeup and overdoing the looks because they want to see the actual and raw looks the model which can be transformed into variety according to the requirement.

7) Be prepared for the worst
Like any other industry, modeling industry comes with various negative aspects. It is one of the hardest careers to maintain as modeling is sustainable as long as the looks and body are in good shape and demand. Models on the plus side of 22 years of age are quite impossible to make a fresh entry into the runway industry or fashion model but can surely seek out commercial modeling options Which are quite flexible. Always be well-acquainted with your body type and approach the right modeling industry.


Whichever modeling industry type you are approaching, make sure to evaluate your body according to its standards and requirements. Never compromise with your values, have self-confidence and Be patient with your job and agencies for sure. Because as it is said, patience always pays. There are various modeling agencies in Mumbai like the Modelling Mumbai that can help you with their professional services to becomes an excellent professional model and getting your photoshoot done.

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