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Skincare is not just for women. As a guy, you may have been told that washing your face with a bar of soap and scrubbing it dry are the only steps you want to take to care for your face. It is time we face the truth; guys care about how their skin looks. Men too desire that radiant male model skin just like the ladies want that radiant skin of Victoria Secret Angels. Whether you’re looking for a modelling career or you just want a little shine on your face, the following men’s skincare regimen should be carried out daily to achieve soft and glowing skin.


Most of us understand the importance of wearing sunscreen in the summertime to avoid sunburn and damage, but it really should be a year-round preventative health measure. Always wear sunscreen, no matter your skin tone or colour. Sunscreen should still be applied, even if it’s cloudy outside. Up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays can pass through clouds and snow can reflect up to 80 per cent of ultraviolet (UV) rays which can increase your risk of exposure to sun damage. We recommend applying sunscreen with no less than SPF 30 every day.



Moisturizing helps your skin fight wrinkles and stay young. Extreme dryness or oiliness can be lessened by moisturizing your skin every day. Both of these extremes are harmful to your skin and can lead to common skin conditions like acne. Using a moisturizer daily ensures that the skin’s blemishes are camouflaged. Everyone, regardless of their skin type, can benefit from moisturizing their skin every day. Choosing the right one and applying it the right way is the only crucial step towards achieving healthy skin.



The skin on your face is exposed to a lot every day. When you touch your face or walk down a polluted street, you’re putting a strain on it. Which is why cleansing your face twice a day to remove the dirt and dead skill cells should be a crucial part of your skincare habit. Various studies have found that cleansing your skin before going to bed is vital to looking younger. While nighttime cleansing prevents skin dehydration, daytime cleansing prevents excess oil production.



The skin on your lips is delicate, and the blood supply is very close to the surface, which explains why the lips appear pink or reddish. Your lips don’t contain any oil glands, so they don’t produce any natural oils like the rest of your skin does which causes the lips to become dehydrated and chapped more often than the rest of your skin. You can prevent chapped lips by using a lip balm with sunscreen to prevent them from burning, not licking your lips. However, you should avoid flavoured lip balms as they tempt you even more to lick your lips and to cause them to dry out and since saliva dissipates quickly, your lips are even drier after licking them than they were before.



Water is essential in maintaining the skin moisture and delivering the critical nutrients to the skin cells. Water also replenishes the skin tissues and increases its elasticity, which helps to delay the appearance wrinkles and fine lines. Drinking sufficient water can combat skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and wrinkles. Drinking adequate amount of water can also increase metabolic rate and improve the digestive system to flush out the toxins from the body, therefore giving you a healthy and glowing skin. Enhanced skin is not the only result produced by hydrating your body; weight loss is also aided by it. Just like any other organ of our body, your skin is made up of cells too. And skin cells, in the same way as any other cell in the entire body, are made up of water. Water is, therefore necessary for the organs to function correctly.



A fantastic night’s sleep means good skin health because when you are sleep-deprived, your body creates more of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol lead to higher stress, anxiety and inflammation in the body, damaging your skin’s well being. Your body repairs itself while you’re sleeping. The key, however, is to get a quality sleep of 7 to 9 hours every night. And if you’re sleeping less than 6 hours, chances are you can probably see the results on your face. Sleeping enough causes the skin to make new collagen which results in fewer wrinkles and plumper skin. A glowing complexion is also achieved since the body boosts blood flow to the skin during your sleep.


As you’ll find little difficult to follow these tips in routine life. But, as a part of health, we can spend 10-20 minutes of time for our self-every day. Hence, follow the tips daily you’ll start observing the result. So, stay fit and live young.


Public Relations happen to be that tool which can introduce your company to greater heights as well as it can drown your company to worsen lows. Positive public relations tells the targeted customers that you’re a company upon which they can trust and have confidence upon, while negative public relations conveys your targeted customers to stay away from your company and your company’s products. Establishing a strong public relations strategy requires you to approach the public and make them aware of the good qualities of your company.

The essential elements of positive public relations are objectives, strategies, principles, tactics, and metrics. To elaborate this concept, here is a list of tips that will acknowledge you about how to establish positive public relations:

1. List Down your PR Objectives:

Start by jotting down your PR objectives in writing. It can be simple bulleted points list. The coverage of points will depend upon the type of company, your customers, your competition, and your targeted public.
The examples of your listed points can be:

  • How to introduce your new product or service?
  • What will be the mode of announcing your company’s events?
  • What activities of the company should be highlighted in mass media?
  • What is your employees’ promotional scheme?

2. Know your Audience:

Do you have a research done on products and services you provide? Are you ensuring that whatever products or services you offer, actually fulfill a customer’s need? Are your customers satisfied with whatever they are being offered? If not, contemplate and act upon those concerns internally. PR practitioners should keep their ears open to the customers’ feedbacks; that what they demand and what is the end use of the product they desire. Use this knowledge to support the development of your company’s products that will truly develop you in the marketplace,

3. Know the difference between Stories and News:

There is a difference between stories and news. Stories have a long-lasting effect and maintain the necessary elements in the minds of the readers. Great stories are shared. News announcements are pacing with time, and accordingly, they happen to be inconsistent and mortal. Press’ work is to continue the saga of “another press release” as a new trending headline to gain interests of the viewers and increase their shares and followings.

4. Focus on Outcomes:

What are the headlines, perceptions, and actions you want to see that should be delivered through your pre-planned strategy? What do you want readers to see/hear/feel/do? Try to make and assign a long-term plan that works towards creating a set of desired outcomes.

5. Have a Call to Action:

Think about the actions you want from the public in return from the relationship you have maintained with them. This can come in the form of feedbacks which can be generalized as comments that the readers have updated on your website. Once you have someone’s attention, you need to keep them engaged and satisfied? This is an important aspect of PR.

6. Additional PR Tactics and Tools:

In spite of aforementioned tips, you can follow these to positively establish your public relations:

  • Create a PR contact list through which you can communicate about the prospective strategies.
  • Schedule right amount of timing for PR activities.
  • Call the media contacts and introduce yourself as a subject matter expert. Sooner or later, they may call you when they need a quote on a story in your particular field.
  • Don’t forget about introducing yourselves on blogs and social media. These days, PR online is more advantageous and prosperous than PR offline.
  • Highlight the awards you’ve won or recognition earned. You can mention the same on your website and social media which will make the potential customers aware that you’re a strong company that goes above and beyond.
  • Hire a per se workforce to show the public that you accept people from all cultures, backgrounds, and races.
  • When you advertise with new employees, you can easily keep a point and that is: you can embrace all types of people.
  • Donate to a charity that you support. Make it known to the public that you donate to certain charities by either placing posters or by creating a section on your website.
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 Natural alternatives for skin care are gaining a lot importance recently because use of harmful chemicals and synthetic products cause more harm to our skin than benefit it. We can easily make and use natural skincare solutions at home. It is better to  consider opting for the more natural alternatives like herbal agents whatever be your skin type. Here is a list of 5 herbs that will work best with the dry skin type for healing purposes.
  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be undoubtedly called the most famous herb for your skin. The common uses of aloe vera are for moisturizing purposes for women and men alike. While women can use aloe vera as a moisturizer prior to applying any makeup, men can use it to rehydrate their skins after getting a shave. That is the most basic use of aloe vera. One of the rather challenging skin issues that it can work for includes fighting pimples, acne, and boils. That is because this gel is blessed with both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

You don’t have to go for aloe vera only for skin issues though. Aloe Vera can be used in general practice very efficiently as it is a very good source of vitamins C and E that are essentials for your skin. Aloe vera can purify your skin well and help you get rid of blemishes. The Ayurvedic scriptures clearly mention these beneficial properties of this gel making it nothing less than a miraculous gel that will help your skin in all ways.


  • Calendula

Calendula is on the most popular plant in the houses of India. This helps many issues like sunburns, cuts, and scrapes. The vulnerary agent present in this herb works well with healing damaged skin and wounds. Marigold oil work miraculously for treating eczema. The herb reduces scarring by producing collagen.

All the herbs are a natural and a side effect free way towards a healthy skin. Nature has provided us with natural solutions and we can make the most of these by using these to the fullest.


  • Chamomile

Chamomile is a key herb to healthy skin. Chamomile has a powerful compound called Alpha-bisabolol which helps one reduce the presence of fine lines and wrinkles by healing the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties that lead to giving skin-soothing and skin-refreshing benefits. You can apply a cooled cup of chamomile tea on your face or use the tea bags directly on the skin. Either of these methods can help you get the benefits fo this natural healer.


  • Peppermint

Peppermint acts as a thermoreceptor. The menthol that is present in it has cooling properties. This means that the nerves sense the cold without actually changing the temperature. This menthol helps us to calm the heat of the inflamed and sore muscles under the skin.

Also, peppermint oil can help you deter insects. You can crush the leaves of the herb onto your skin and keep flies, mites, and mosquitoes away. It can also help you deal with bites, burns, and scalds in a better way.


  • Horsetail

Horsetail is useful because of its astringent properties that help to make the skin firm. This herb also helps to deal with acne.

Horsetail has a good content of silica that. Silica is a constituent of collagen. Collagen will keep one’s skin youthful and supple. This makes horsetail a really good anti-aging herb. It can also work really well with thinning of the hair, sagging of the skin, roughness of the skin, and premature aging. It has properties that keep the blood vessels together which gives the skin an even texture.


Plus size is not seen as a derogatory remark anymore. The fashion industry is tilting in favour of healthy, curvy or full figured models as opposed to the demand for thin, skinny or size zero models earlier.

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What does one need to become a plus sized model? Eat what you like, one might think.

But it’s not easy being a plus size model because it comes with out casting many stereotypes prevalent in the society along with maintaining a healthy routine. Yes, being curvy doesn’t mean that you have to be lethargic and not go the gym to work out. Working out according to the body type and maintaining an active lifestyle is really necessary in the modeling industry. Proportionate or toned body is always appreciated.

Apart from maintaining physical standards one has to have a balance between daily activities and work schedule and be really smart to attract the right kind of opportunities. Achieving a stable status in this industry is tough indeed and requires a lot of investment, emotional, physical and initially monetary also.

Fashion world has no dearth of models trying to kick start their career. So, to present oneself, a model needs to have an appealing portfolio.  The portfolio must translate your strengths, your versatility. For beginners this might burn into their pockets as it has to be taken care of by the models themselves. Charity and unpaid photoshoots are a good way to go. Travelling and commuting can be daunting as different jobs might be at different locations. Thereafter, you have to be in queues and wait for the auditions. It can be unpredictable and thus challenging. So, be open to every kind of situation, like you might need to go out of your comfort zone according to the shoot. All of this forms a part of your travail. However, this exposure is a good form of socialising and is an integral part of building a good network in this industry. Even if you don’t get a steady job, networking keeps you updated.

Patience is essential, as eventually it will pay off once you get a good hold in the industry and start getting assignments.

It is important to build your own self before allowing anyone else to access your inner self and tear you apart. So, being confident and comfortable in your body is the most important thing to succeed as a plus sized model.

Ultimately becoming an inspiration for others to follow suit and break barriers of stereotypical thinking is a great relief. Getting compliments for your confidence and courage overpowers all the stress and exhaustion.