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Fashion trends will come and go. Here are some of the fashion trends that designer had in store for Fall 2017


Velvet gives a distinct feel. They are woven fabrics in which cut threads are evenly distributed.  This tufted fabric was one of the hit of the season on runway.

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Printed clothing related to some protest related to political issues or something specific. Mostly slogan tees were showed up in Fall 2017

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Power Suit

The power suit is back in race again. But these are the stylish and modern version of classical power suits. Genius is not required to understand why power suit fashion is back in action!

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Power suits


Shearlings has a suede surface on one side while furry surface on other side. It is an outwear plush wool which comes in different size, shape and texture.

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Models with entire attire in silver was seen in Paris Fall 2017 and proved popular too.

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A tartan patterned or chequered cloth was another trend in Fall 2017. Most of them were wearing plaid coats.

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Statement Sleeves

Statement Sleeves are huge fashion this year. Now don’t worry about sleeves coming off your shoulder. Everyone and their sister was playing with Statement Sleeves in Fall 2017.

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Statement Sleeves

Track Pants

Not only casual pants were showed in Fall 2017. Track pant was also another upcoming trend in Fall 2017 which is the real excitement news for laissez faire consumers.

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Track pants


Another outwear trend seen in Fall 2017 was Puffer coat. Just like shearlings there is no shortage of variety in puffers.

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Canadian Tuxedos

Canadian tuxedos are nothing but outfit consisting of denim jeans and denim jacket. Evergreen combination!

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Canadian Tuxedo

Hope you have enjoyed watching the trends in Fall 2016.

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Fashion trend  changes according to season and in summer due to rising temprature, choosing out fits becomes a bit confusing. Here are some fashion tips for summer that you can take into consideration while buying your summer outfits

  • Loose and Light weight clothes: The looser the outfits, the cooler you will feel. Instead of skintight outfits go for loose and lightweight outfits as it creates a ventilation and there will be air flow which will reduce sweat. Loose clothes will not cling to your body and thus it will keep you cooler as compare to skin tight outfits.
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loose outfits

  • Avoid synthetic fabrics: Though synthetic fibers are durable but they are not skin friendly as they absorb heat quickly. Avoid synthetic fibers like rayon or Acrylic fibers and go for natural fabrics like cotton as it is more breathable. You will not feel sweaty as it absorbs sweat and dries it faster.
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Natural Fabric

  • Light shade outfits: Usually dark colors have the tendency to absorb more heat as compare to light colors. So in summer move towards light shades of fabrics. Wear plenty of white as it is classic, cool and perfect for summer. Start to mix and match bright colors like bright yellow, pink, blue, etc. Bright colors are trending this season!
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Light Colored Outfits

  • Go for cotton scarves: Carry a cotton scarf with a pretty pattern. If you feel that the sun rays are too much harsh, you can wrap the scarf around your neck or cover your face with it. Scarves are light weight and they really look cool!
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  • Hats and Sunglasses: Don’t forget to buy over-sized floppy hats and aviator sunglasses. Not only they will protect you from sun but also their combination looks cool!

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Enjoy these cool fashion tips for summer and have fun!

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kids modelling agencies in mumbai

While travelling anywhere you will get to see at least one hoarding with a kid as a model. Kid modeling has developed greatly in this era.

To start career of your child in modeling, here are some essential tips you must follow

  • Select a good agency: The first step is to select a good agency as it plays an important role in molding your child into a model. Get suggestions from friends or family whose kid might already be in an agency.
  • Get a good portfolio: Modeling is not just of being beautiful. At initial stage, good natural looking snaps are needed. The kid should be enthusiastic of being clicked. He must have good eye contact and should love dressing up and posing.
  • Get geared up: After being registered with good modeling agencies, get ready for go-sees i.e. audition. There will be many auditions available and at that time you and your kid will have to meet with firm representative as he might be interested in hiring your kid for modeling.
  • License: A license is required from local council in order to get permission from school to participate in shoots or advertisements. Other than this, a medical certificate is required from doctor regarding that your kid is fit and healthy.
  • NO means Next Opportunity: It is true that your kid is not going to get select in first attempt. There will be many rejections. So, get ready for rejections too. Remember that every agency wants a different model. Some might want a healthy cutie pie, whereas some might want the notorious one. If your kid get rejected than just think that your kid was not fit in that particular kid modeling theme.
  • Have fun: The most important part is that your kid should enjoy his modeling. After all modeling is all about excitement and enthusiasm.


eye makeup tips

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” by Audrey Hepburn says it all.Eye makeup has been in vogue. Many beauties in Bollywood have adorned beautiful eye makeup like Aishwarya Rai, Rekha, Kareena Kapoor Khan etc.

But not everybody knows good eye makeup.Well here are more useful tips to enhance your beautiful eyes.

Determine your eye type( yes, there’s a type too!)

Deepest, Monolid, hooded, protruding, upturned, closest before deciding make up.

eye makeup tips

Tilt your head and look downward before applying an eyeliner for proper application of makeup.

eye makeup

Add a highlighter below the arch of your brow for that height. Don’t over blend. You could use a lightpink pencil for a better effect.

Similarly, you could give your eyes a lift by applying illuminator just above the brow. A good highlighter could create magic!

Also dot your lashes and connect them with a brush to create an even stroke. Put your eyeliner or brow pencils in the freezer before you sharpen. This makes fine and neat lines. Eyeliners cost say around 150 rupees.

 A gel eyeliner with an angled brush enables greater accuracy. You can use a Maybelline glossy eyeliner

For an inexpensive liner and smudger, a doublesided pencil could cost you 150 rupees.

If you only want one thing that’ll upgrade your makeup, invest in white eyeliner. Tightline your eyes with white, nude, and black to “change” the shape of your eyes. Lakme eyeconic white costs around Rs 150-175

You can create defined or balanced look. Your eyes can look extended or narrow with an eyeliner or Lakme Colossal kajal.

If you want your eyes to look bigger, place your crease shadow a little higher than your natural crease for the  Deepika Padukone look in “Bachna E Hasino”. Inglot Eyeshadows are good.

If you want a smokier look, smudge some black base shadow over your lids and put your colored L’Oreal eyeshadow over top. This would cost Rs 750-800. Remember to blend! Bipasha Basu flaunted her smokey eyes in Dhoom 2.

Use your shadow brushes with medium pressure on your lid and lighten pressure at the crease.

Fully curl your lashes by pinching at the base and then pinching again with the curlerIf your eyelashes are short use false eyelashes available in the market for say Rs 300.

Apply two coats of Maybelline Colossal mascara, but make sure the first coat dries before applying the second. Blend well to avoid smudges.

eye makeup tips

Use a primer and concealer below the eyes for an even look. A concealer with a pink undertone could hide dark circles. A Lakme Concealer around Rs 500.Eye makeup in the daytime should be subtle & simple. In the evening, you could play with colors that suit your skin tone, a glittery and the ‘smokey eyes’ effect.Eye makeup is extremely important because it is the first aspect a person observes. As St.Jerome rightly quotes..”The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart”..a person’s eyes speak more a million words.

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